The Midnight Road - Tom Piccirilli My husband has been reading through my tbr pile for me. He has a lunch hour and I don't but I'm not bitter. Since our reading tastes are pretty similar when it comes to mystery/horror (well, if you don't count The DaVinci Code which I despised and he seems to think is perfect) I trust him when he says a book is a dud. His reviews are usually minimal and to the point but he went on about this book for quite a while last night stunning me with his memory when I asked him to describe it for me. He really should review books but I guess I'm the only review writing geek in the family, still he indulges my weirdness and gave me his "review" to spare me from having to read this book.

Unfortunately I was tired last night and my memory is pretty shoddy and even though I did indeed listen to every word he spoke (though he'd probably deny that) this is the bit I can remember:

This book was very misleading. The back of the book makes it sound like it's all about a child protective service officer finding a nightmare inside a fancy home in Long Island but it's not (he still trusts blurbs & Amazon's #1 reviewer unlike jaded me). In fact, that all happens within the first part of the book and it wasn't what I'd consider a nightmare at all.

This is the nightmare: the officer finds an autistic man locked up in a dog crate and attempts to remove the child and the man from the home. The snooty mother shoots at him, she ends up dying, the officer then takes the child, the man and the child's dog to safety. The officer is then approached by people with odd notes throughout the remainder of the book and these people end up getting murdered (I make some crack here about The DaVinci code which he ignores). Blah, blah, blah (note: I did not tune out here, it's my poor memory, really it is) more stuff happens, somehow the officer ends up under water with the kid and the dog, and more mysterious but dull sounding adventure ensues. It ends with a big reveal that made little sense. It was hard to stick with this book, he says, but he finished it nonetheless and it was a big let down.

Needless to say I'm not going to read it since he so kindly spared me the bother. I gave it a 3 for him since I forgot to ask him for a number rating and it sounds like a middle of the road book to me.