The Cat Owner's Manual: Operating Instructions, Troubleshooting Tips, and Advice on Lifetime Maintenance (Quirk Books) - David Brunner, Sam Stall, Paul Kepple, Jude Buffum I've been reading this off and on for a week or so and though it has good basic information about raising cats, the different breeds, etc. the humor of it escapes me. It's written in the tone of a user manual and every now and again the author will write something such as referring to training as a "software downloads" or "add-on" which always managed to throw me right out of the book and break my concentration which I don't was the intent of the author.

Despite the overly cutesy manual style which I'm doing my best to ignore, the book does have interesting tidbits. Never knew you could train a kitty "sit", "down" and leash walking. I thought my mom was the only nutty who walked cats and ferrets on a leash around the neighborhood!