Changeling - Yasmine Galenorn Because I am a glutton for punishment I am going to read book #2 of this series. Witchling was the first in the series and it drove me a little crazy. This one can't possibly be worse, can it?

The heroine of this book is Delilah the shifter who turns into a cute little pussycat and does some Private Investigation work. She's beautiful, thin and 6' tall and because she is half fey is preternaturally beautiful but I can live with that because at least she's not sporting double D's and the spiked heels her sister, the half-witch, pranced around in.

Unfortunately, the writing here just doesn't captivate me and when that happens little things tend to stick out and prod me into nitpicker mode. The author is just not consistent in the little details she writes. For example, the heroine says she's just had a professional french manicure done and worries that they'll get clipped while she's in kitty form and in the next few paragraphs says she spent the night painting her nails with her sister. So which is it? I know, I know this is a dumb little thing but honestly if the story were compelling and weren't so focused on shallow little appearance-y things I probably wouldn't have picked up on it. Sadly, it seems, the author is more concerned with the clothing and hairdo's of her characters than getting the story going . . .

So somewhere near the end of disc 1 a little action happens. Delilah gets her bum stuck in a pricker bush, pets their baby gargoyle and eats some smelly fish. On disk 2 things really get moving when she meets Zachary Lyonnesse. He's a hunky shape-shifting puma who needs her P.I. services to ferret out the creature who is killing his kind. Disc 3 proves she's tough by smashing a spying were-spider with her bare hand. Ka-pow! Then she has some boring sex with her boyfriend as she fantasizes about Zachary the Lioness and that's as far I've read . . . Snoooooze

I'm nearly finished with this but honestly if it weren't on audio I would have put it down a long while ago and never picked it up again. The plot and characters are just not interesting to me. New characters and plot twists are introduced constantly and events happen that leave me a little baffled. Who the heck is Wade and when did he and Mennoly start playing house? It is possible that I dozed off during the explanation or his previous appearance but I don't think so. The heroine walks around with a big black mark on her forehead that will in-debt her to the evil Autumn Lord and she isn't so utterly horrified that it doesn't stop her from wanting to have sex with Chase, the lion guy and any other hot creature that crosses her path. Wouldn't you want to focus on getting that junk off your head first? I mean, really. Also, somewhere in one of these books I could have sworn it was mentioned that these creatures could only "change" during the full moon but they're changing left and right here especially when it's convenient for a cutesy plot twist. Maybe I'm confused and my brain has turned into complete mush but again if this book were compelling I would just go with the flow instead of nitpicking. But it's not and I can't stop myself.