Wolf Tales - Kate Douglas I read a lot of weird things but this one was even too weird for me.

After Alexandria walks in on her fiance buck naked with another woman -- in their bed no less -- she decides to hop in her car and escape for awhile. As luck would have it, she ends up getting run off the road while caught in a blizzard. She begins to walk in the hopes of finding some shelter but gets all turned around and lost in the blinding snow. She succumbs to the cold and collapses in a heap giving up all hope of rescue. When she awakens, she feels an intense heat emanating from the male form laying naked beside her now naked body. Overcome by lust and gratitude, she allows him to do as he wishes with her body. Never seeing his face. Wait, did you catch that? Never seeing his face. Even in romancelandia who does that? Poor thing then passes out from exhaustion.

Thus begins Stefan and Xandri's love affair. From the moment they touch they're connected and Xandria finds herself overwhelmingly attracted to him despite the fact that he's, wait for it . . . covered in gray downy fur, has a "muzzle" and a beastly protrusion where a man-part is supposed to be located. It's weird, oh yes it is, but so vividly written that you just can't turn away even though your brain is screaming "this is so not right, stop reading, STOP READING NOW!". You know what I did, right?

Well, I'm sad to say this book went downhill after the interesting beginning. A little more plot would've gone a long way here. One sex scene after another gets excruciatingly dull when there's no plot to get in the way even it if it is weird, furry-beast sex. I ended up bored and skimmed my way to the end so I could it pass it along to the next victim.

Two stars because I was compelled to read it to the end despite myself.