Rio Grande Wedding (Men Of The Land) (Silhouette Intimate Moments, #964) - Ruth Wind Rio Grande Wedding is a lovely romance. Molly a widow and a nurse by profession wakes one morning to find an unconscious and injured man on her property. She takes one look at his dark features and realizes that he must be an immigrant farm worker (in the country illegally) who was likely injured during a raid the previous night. She is contemplating calling the deputy when he lets out a heartrending cry for his lost "Josefina". Molly decides to use her nursing skills to heal his wounds rather than turning him in.
As Molly heals Alejandro and searches for Josefina, who is his eight year old niece, a tender and sensual romance blossoms between them.

This is a little category romance that is jam-packed with more emotion and sensuality than can often be found in a 350+ novel. Although there is a secondary issue that is handled a bit too easily for comfort I'm betting you'll love this one if you enjoy a character driven romance about lonely, vulnerable people.