Dani's Demons - Cindy Spencer Pape 3 1/2 *'s

Dani is a 300 year vampire visiting a goth casino Vegas because she's bored. Immediately she's hit on by a hot guy because, of course, she's supernaturally gorgeous. His pager goes off and he has to leave before anything serious begins but not to worry because another hot guy immediately seats himself beside her. It turns out the two guys are demons who were once deeply in love but haven't spoken in 50 or so years. What an amazing coincidence, eh? Their relationship ended when a human woman came between them. Dani repairs their relationship while worming her way into their hearts herself and for the moment can no longer claim she's bored of her existence.

This book was pure erotica, there was no time wasted with the pesky "getting to know you" bits of building of a relationship before the f/m, m/f/m, m/m/f fun ensues. It's only 80 pages so things seem very, very rushed and we don't know any of the characters before they start bouncing off one another. There's a little pretend plot where the men have to chase down a preternatural creature who is sucking the life out of women but since it's all done off stage and it's cleared up so quickly I didn't see the point of including it all. If you ask me, that time should have been spent getting to know the characters better. The menage is comprised of two male demons who have the hots for each other and for a female vampire who wants them both but honestly they may as well have been human because all they did was nip and sip a bit of blood while going at it. There wasn't any danger or near death or vampiric/demonic goings-on. I've probably read too much horror but that aspect was a big disappointment. Not the best romantica I've ever read but not the worst either. It needed to be longer because as written it was about 90% sex, 9.9% thinking about sex and .1% getting cleaned up and dressed. I don't particularly enjoy reading a book about strangers who never become real but the sex sure was graphic and seriously how could I resist that cover?!