Night Shadow by Cherry Adair

Night Shadow - Cherry Adair

GR Cleanup Originally Read in 2010


I'm quitting this one for several reasons:

1. It's boring. I was cleaning up the doggie droppings in the yard and found my mind drifting. If a book can't hold my attention when I'm doing that chore something is seriously wrong.

2. The heroine is a rookie who "forgets" to wear her safety gear on her 1st mission out. Seriously? I'm supposed to believe this? And, yep, you guessed it she gets shot. Not to worry though she's ok (figures).

3. It's #15 in a series and what I've read so far does not make me want to torment myself by reading 14 of these things to play catch up. Good lord people, 14 of them!

4. Hero and heroine have names that are so similar I don't know who the hell is who in this audio. And their last names are the same. And no, this isn't some backwoods horror/love story where they create two headed babies either. They're not even related. What are the odds?

5. I have no patience and this books requires lots.