The Beloved - J.F. Gonzalez Hmmm, is it fair to rate a book when I didn't finish it? Probably not but I'm doing it anyway. This 2 stars is for the first 90 excruciatingly boring pages. I quit after that, as I couldn't take yet another detailed description of a white trash woman getting blasted and cursing out her ex or the endless jabbering on about lame-ass, pitiful sex blinded Ronnie working double shifts to pay the mortgage, the utilities, and the car payment while his new girlfriend sits on her lazy ass, refusing to work and ignoring the kids. She gives good sex though, apparently. I read to escape this tedious real life crap. Also, the setup of this story could have easily been cut by half because the author repeats the same info. until you're bleary eyed with boredom. Things may get better but I couldn't chance tormenting myself for another 300 or so pages and I have too many other things to read/watch. It wasn't scary or suspenseful and the characters were dullards. It amazes me that this book was written by the same guy who wrote Survivor.