Beyond the Highland Mist (The Highlander Series, Book 1) - Karen Marie Moning Next up on the IPod.

This book has received many favorable reviews but this isn’t going to be one of them. I feel like the Goodreads grouch but as I was listening to this on audio my overriding thought was, “when the hell is it going to end?” It seemed to plod on and on and if I heard the heroine exclaim “I HATE BEAUTIFUL MEN!” once more whilst drooling over two pretty men I was certain I was going lose the last thread of sanity that’s holding me together.

I’m not going to waste your time (and mine) by rehashing the plot bit by painful bit. Basically, it’s a time-travel in which the modern day heroine gets flung back in time straight into the lap of a man in need of a daughter to marry off to “The Hawk”. Hawk is a beautiful man, with big beautiful man parts that he’s been using to give pleasure to most of the women in the area for years. He’s ticked off a jealous fey King and he’s in service to his King (because of something his father did) and both King’s have something to do with the time flippery of the heroine. Got it? No? I’m not sure I do either. The Hawk isn’t supposed to love whatshername (Adrianne, was it?), which is why the fey chose her (as punishment) but, imagine this if you will, they fall madly, truly, deeply, forever after in love, despite it all.

I’m being sarcastic because that's how I roll when I'm grumpy after listening to this male narrator go on and on for what seemed like two months. He does a super sexy Hawk voice but his falsetto female voice just didn’t work for me and when he read the sex scenes I was more than a bit uncomfortable in a bad way. These two characters come across as a bit bratty for way too much of the story. She tries to make him jealous to push him away because, don’t forget(like the author would ever let you), SHE HATES BEAUTIFUL MEN! HATES THEM!! because she’s been scorned by one. She doth protest way too much and spends numerous pages flirting with a gorgeous-o (I dare not say beautiful) blacksmith and it was downright mean to Hawk and didn’t make me sympathize with her at all. The Hawk, of course, falls for it every damn time and stomps off in a huff determined to make her love him anyway, even when he thinks she’s slept with the other dude. Why, man, why?! There are lots of nice girls out there who would give you those babies you want and wouldn't hurt you so!

I was so confused. I got the impression that she was a modern girl, who in her past, was treated exceptionally bad by an arrogant, beautiful bastard whom she had a relationship with and from the bits revealed it seemed as if she lived with the man. However, it is later revealed that she is a virgin. Twenty, living with a guy and a virgin still? Her ex seemed like a real worldly man and I just didn’t get this but maybe I just have too dirty of a mind? Yeah, that’s probably it.

Despite my many issues with this book I did love “The Hawk” and felt that he deserved better than Adrianne and her silly head games. This book made me so crazy and nattered on for eternity but because it made me feel something, even if that something was too often anger, I have to give it three stars for making me care. I’ll probably read the next one too because that’s how I am.