Donovan's Bed - Debra Mullins Donovan's Bed gets off to a most intriguing start when a big, gorgeous bed is rolled through the town of Burr. Reporter Sarah Calhoun sniffs a career making story in the works when the bed is rolled straight to bachelor Jack Donovan's ranch. Jack has been making lavish purchases for his home and has been throwing money around like it grows on trees and Sarah just knows he is up to some sort of sleazy going-ons. But the irritating man will not give her an interview and has foiled all of her attempts to extract information from him.

Jack is amused by Sarah's persistence and only a little annoyed and decides to try a new "diversion" method by kissing her senseless and then abruptly pulling away when she starts to respond. He then insults her by explaining that he pulled away because although she'd be a great "roll in the hay" she would never make him a fine wife. She's far too hot-tempered and strong willed he goes on to say. Well, Sarah is incensed. Imagine the nerve of the arrogant jerk! She manages to reign in her temper and instead decides to get even by writing an article all about Burr's wealthiest bachelor Jack Donovan and his quest for a bride. After the article is printed women are propositioning poor Jack at every turn. Being a red-blooded man he eats up the attention but soon tires of it when he realizes that sassy Sarah is the only woman for him. He then spends the rest of the book trying to win her love.

This is a such a great book. It has humor and a fun plot but its greatest strength is its characters. You won't find any stereotypical people here. Jack and Sarah are well developed characters who are likable right off the bat and the secondary characters are equally well rounded and entertaining (and they never take over the story). Jack has a dark and dangerous past but doesn't walk around sulking about it. Instead he has a terrific sense of humor and a big heart. I so loved Jack. Sarah also has darkness in her past but hasn't turned into a grumpy spinster because of it. She has a sensual and loving side that fits so well with Jack's personality. When these two get together it is very romantic and satisfying.