Minnie and Moo and the Thanksgiving Tree - Denys Cazet I love Minnie and Moo. Who could resist a cream puff addicted cow? Not me. Anyway, like the other books in the "Minnie and Moo" universe this is another story filled with silly fun and is quirkily different from most Thanksgiving stories. It's Thanksgiving and bovines Minnie and Moo are relaxing beneath a tree sipping away on hot cocoa and nibbling on cream puffs when thirty-six frantic turkeys beg need of their help. It's Thanksgiving and Mrs. Farmer's cousins are about for a visit. The turkeys, being turkeys, fear for their lives! Minnie and Moo hide the tribe of turkeys in the tree and settle in to finish their snack when they're accosted by a rather rude rooster and his flock of chickens who demand help. They're next in line in the food chain, you see. Before you know it Minnie and Moo have quite the zoo hidden within the tree. Happy chaos ensues as the farmer and his family decide to picnic beneath the tree.

Light, fluffy and filled with laughs this a good pick if your brain is a little drained and the kids are stressed.