A Little Something Extra - Pam McCutcheon P.J. is a freelance investigative reporter with a special interest in magic and psychic phenomena. She has a burning desire to believe in magic but unfortunately cannot find any hard proof that it actually exists. Along comes Connor O'Flaherty, a magical shoe salesman who tempts her with a job offer she can't resist. He claims he is not only a leprechaun but also King of all the Fae folk. He needs her help to track down his sister's stolen talisman. Without it his sister is a basket case and his business is in dire trouble.

She doesn't buy his story. Aren't leprechauns little guys with pointy noses that wear silly hats? He is as gorgeous as he is kooky so she weighs out the pros and cons and decides to accept the job. After all, if he's nutty enough to pay her to travel around the world who is she to refuse?

They set off together to catch themselves a crook and find themselves falling for each other no matter how much they try to resist. Unfortunately, as King of the Fae it is Connor's duty to marry a woman who has Fae blood running through her veins. After centuries of mating with humans their blood lines have become seriously diluted and their magic is weakening. Torn between love and duty Connor fights a losing battle. He must convince P.J. to believe in magic but even if he manages that impossible task will it be enough to save them both from heartache?

Lots of magic and characters who have a charming sense of humor make this a book to savor. I figured out who the thief was long before the characters did but anxiously turned the pages anyway to come to the pleasing conclusion of this enchanting love story. This story is whimsical and fun if you're in the mood for some light and fluffy.