Angel Flying Too Close to the Ground - Annie Garrett Tess Boone, a disillusioned celebrity journalist, returns back to her hometown in the Ozarks to interview her first love Buck Campbell, now a famous (but also disillusioned) country western singer.

Tess left Buck to pursue her dreams and please her father who wanted bigger things for his baby girl. In the process she stomped all over Buck's heart. Heartbroken he turned to booze and women. Headed straight for Hell, he was saved by Georgina, an older woman who saw his potential and made him a singing sensation. She molds him into the man the public sees and he marries her even though he'll never love her.

When Tess and Buck meet up again (years later) the sparks fly and they realize what empty lives they've been living. In a few short days their love is reborn. Only now there are two big obstacles in their way: Georgina (for starters) and Buck's good-guy persona. Will they sacrifice their careers or their hearts? Will I care when they do? (The answer to that one would be NO)

Ms. Garrett has a beautiful way of describing the Ozarks and her vivid imagery breathes life into this familiar story of lost love. Despite her lyrical writing I thought the heroine was self-centered and very difficult to sympathize with. The hero never came alive for me because we mainly see him through the heroine's eyes and learn his feelings via his song lyrics. This technique absolutely did not work for me. I would've enjoyed a hundred or so more pages of the hero's viewpoint. And (finally, you say?) I thought the ending was way too vague and pat. A miss, a dud, a do not bother unless you've never read a truly great romance. There are way too many good books out there to waste time reading this one.