Born In Twilight - Maggie / Merline Lovelace / Sharon Sala / Ann Williams / Judith McWilliams / Maggie Shayne / Linda Turner / Sandra Paul / Doreen Roberts / Lee Karr / Vella Munn / Marcia Evanick Shayne A week before she is about to take her final vows and become a nun Angelica ventures out alone at night to help the homeless. On the way to the shelter she is attacked by a ruthless vampire and transformed into one of the undead.

Jameson Bryant's life has been haunted by the evil DPI (Department of Paranormal Investigations/vampire killers ~ if you were wondering) because he has a rare blood type that will allow a vampire to transform him into a creature of the night. He escapes their clutches but during the last set of tests they happen to take more than just Jameson's blood. They've take his sperm (yikes!) in order to start their next phase of experiments.

Jameson finds Angelica near death suffering from self imposed starvation and although he knows she is dangerous something about her calls out to him and he is compelled to help her. Too hungry to resist what Jameson offers she drinks from him and cannot stop . . . Just as she realizes she's ended this beautiful, kind man's life a DPI agent shows up. In her fear and confusion she believes him when he says he can make her mortal again. The DPI fear vampires and it is their intent to exterminate the race. In their never-ending paranoia they discover it may be possible for a newly turned vampire to become impregnated. Angelica naively becomes their guinea pig in their newest and most heartless experiment to date.

Fortunately Jameson's vampire friends show up in time to transform him and when he learns of the results of the DPI's experiments he sets out to find Angelica. Although she thinks he's a monster and he despises her for cutting his mortal life short they must join forces if they are to save another innocent from the hellish clutches of the DPI.

The best thing about this story is the care the author takes to develop the love story and the characters. She didn't take the easy way out and let them fall into a silly love/hate relationship so prominent in many novels. The characters struggle and grow and slowly begin to like each other almost against their will. They were real people and when they fall in love you know it's for eternity. This romance is the stuff dreams are made of.

Ms. Shayne's amazing storytelling talent shines in BORN IN TWILIGHT. The ultimate page-turner, it is a not to be missed read for lovers of a fast paced, darkly sensual, deeply emotional, tear jerking stories. Although it is a spin-off of her popular Wings In The Night series (for the now defunct Silhouette Shadows line) it very easily stands alone