Tallchief - 'Sharon Sala',  'Dinah McCall' Morgan Tallchief was on top of the world. Only eighteen years old and a record breaking runner with Olympic dreams he has a beautiful girlfriend who loves him with all her heart and his future looks bright. Then all of his dreams are shattered when his legs aren't quick enough to save the girl he loves from a fiery death. Grief stricken he joins the Navy to escape his heartache.

Sixteen years later Morgan, now an accomplished artist and former Navy SEAL, is living an isolated life until the day Kathleen comes back from the dead with their daughter in tow. All of the old pain comes back full force when he has to face the fact that Kathleen has been alive all of these years and the one glorious night they spent together as teenagers resulted in the birth of a daughter.

Kathleen has been on the run her entire life. When she was a child her father's testimony against a criminal placed their lives in danger and they were put into the the Federal Witness Protection Program. Torn from the boy she loved the only thing that kept her going was the birth of their baby daughter. When her dad dies she believes the nightmare is finally over. She's wrong. She realizes someone still wants revenge when she finds her apartment ransacked and receives a threatening phone call. Because the FBI has closed the case she has nowhere to turn and sets out to find her one true love hoping he will keep their daughter safe.

An emotional story from beginning to end, Ms. McCall captures all of the angst and heartache of first love lost and love reborn. The story is told mainly from the hero's viewpoint and what a wonderful viewpoint it is! Her hero defines the term heroic, he's not only brave and strong but he's also sweet, sensitive, loving and vulnerable. A perfect combination, if you ask me. If anybody deserves a happy ending it is this man. The portrayal of the budding relationship between father and daughter is realistic and moving. After reading this story I ran out and bought everything I could find with Dinah McCall/Sharon Sala's name on it (alas, with mixed results).