The Promise of Jenny Jones - Maggie Osborne Don't think you'd like a heroine who smokes cigars, cusses like there's no tomorrow, and can whip the hero's butt in a fight? Then you probably haven't read this book yet! Breaking all kinds of stereotypes the author creates an untraditional heroine you can't help but admire, laugh with and cry for.

Jenny Jones, accused of killing a man in self defense, is awaiting death by a firing squad when she is approached by a rich dying woman who offers to take her place. Naturally, there is a catch. Jenny must promise to deliver the woman's daughter safely into the arms of her Father in California. Jenny is a loner who thinks kids are barely half human but decides her life, as pitiful as it may be, is worth the aggravation.

Jenny not only finds herself saddled down with a snot nosed, prissy kid who prays for her death each night but hot on her trail are the kids' money grubbing cousin's who are bent on killing little Graciela so they can grab her inheritance. To make matters worse Jenny is also being followed by Ty Sanders, a real sexy dude, who appears to want Graciela for his own perverted reasons.

Ty, unbeknownst to Jenny, is also on the same mission. He is Graciela's uncle and has been sent by his brother to retrieve her. He'll do everything he can to save his niece from the hands of the obviously insane Miss Jenny Jones. Still, as nutty as he finds her he can't help being attracted to her. She fascinates him and this scares him more than Graciela's murderous cousins.

Eventually these two hard headed, tough as nail people realize they need to stop beating the crap out of each other and join forces if they intend to bring Graciela home safely.

The three spend time together and struggle to keep themselves alive but will they be strong enough to protect their hearts from breaking when they're forced to say goodbye at the end of the trip?

THE PROMISE OF JENNY JONES is often times hilarious and extremely touching. Author Osborne handled Jenny's gradual transformation from loner to big hearted woman so beautifully I had tears in my eyes throughout a major part of the book. I also liked the little girl Graciela's transformation from a stuck-up little brat to a sensitive and loving little girl. And, of course, Ty was also a terrific hero whose first mistake is assuming he is going to tame Jenny! The character growth in this story is just amazing. Because the character's are so well drawn and actually get to know each other before they jump into bed the love story between this unlikely couple is completely believable and the sexual tension intense.

The grittiness, humor, realism and emotion of this story are just a few of the things that make it so special. Maggie Osborne knows which buttons to push to melt this reader's heart. Very highly recommended