Annie and the Outlaw - Sharon Sala What, a series book with no secret babies, no ranches, no cops or cuddly toddlers? No such thing you say? Then you haven't read Annie & The Outlaw an old fashioned love story deeply rooted in emotion and centered around two wonderfully real characters. I don't think I can do this beautiful story justice in a review but I'll give it a shot.

Please note this all happens in the prologue and is not a spoiler: We first meet Gabriel Donner back in the 1800's moments before his life comes to an abrupt end. Hung for the sin or robbery Gabe enters the Gates of Hell. But Hell can't take him because of his last minute act of selflessness to a pregnant woman in distress. Heaven doesn't want him because of his shady past. He is given a second chance to right his wrongs and is sentenced to spend 150 years on earth.

Gabe's time on earth is just about over when he meets up with Annie, a school teacher, who is being terrorized by some of her students. Gabe looking like a criminal with his long hair, spurs and big Harley frightens off the bullies. A bit frightened of Gabe but left without much choice Annie decides to hires him as a personal bodyguard. He's the closest thing to a Guardian Angel she figures she's gonna get.

Annie has as a devastating secret she refuses to share with anyone, especially Gabe whom she has fallen deeply in love with. As their lives become entangled their secrets threaten to tear them apart and threaten their love. What they need is a miracle. Is their love strong enough to overcome what the Gods have in store for them?

Sharon Sala not only tugs at your heartstrings she rips them to shreds. ANNIE & THE OUTLAW is a tear jerker to be sure, with extraordinary characters you'll fiercely care about. This is the kind of book you don't soon forget after the last page is turned. You'll cry, you'll snicker, you'll stomp your feet at the injustice of it all and then you'll come out feeling emotionally drained and completely satisfied. I whole heartedly recommend it.

I didn't have one single nitpick while reading this book which is an amazing feat for me!