Rejar by Dara Joy for .99 at Amazon

Rejar - Dara Joy

.99 @ Amazon today (10/20/14) but the lovely cover on the left was replaced with this leering Alec Baldwin hybrid. Since I had to look at, so do you :)



Caveat: I wrote this review sometime in 1997 back when I was nicer, used words like "magnificent" and "spectacular" and was much more tolerant than I am today. Damn, I've been doing this nonsense far longer than I thought!  I wonder if I'd still feel the same today? I'm guessing no.

In Dara Joy's 1996 release Knight of A Trillion Stars we were introduced to the lovable and very arrogant Rejar. KOATS ended with quite the cliffhanger and after waiting for what seemed like an eternity we finally learn the sexy Familiar's fate in Rejar.

Rejar, after tumbling through space for several months, finds himself tossed into a strange place called Regency England where he lands nearly in the lap of a most luscious female specimen. He decides this smelly world that offends all of his senses might not be quite so bad after all!

Lilac Devere was minding her own business when a handsome cat enters her carriage and settles in like he owns it. Despite her Aunt's warnings she takes this arrogant creature home and gets much more than she bargained for.

Rejar is a familiar from the futuristic planet Aviara. He's a descendent of a race of people who can change into the form of a cat whenever they wish. Along with their shape changing abilities familiars also have heightened senses, telepathic powers and extraordinary sensual appetites. However, once they meet their life mate and become bonded familiar's have an unshakable sense of devotion and never stray (remember this is a fantasy, folks :).

Rejar observes life on this strange planet and quickly learns that the only way to survive the brutal scrutiny of the ton is to create a persona they will fawn over. Using his powers of suggestion, he convinces Lord Byron that he is a Russian Prince and quickly becomes the most sought after man in Regency England. He's a man all of the women want but he is only attracted to the one whom he curls up with each night. The one who believes he is nothing more than a cat. But, arrogant fellow tha the his, he knows once she meets him in the flesh she'll fall head over heels in love with him.

Needless to say he's in for quite a shock when Lilac gets rip roaring mad and slaps his handsome face when he innocently states his intentions to "have" her. This only makes Rejar all the more determined to make her his. After all no woman has ever refused him! Just what kind of planet has he landed on?

When he realizes that Lilac is fated to be his life mate and he comes to the realization that he isn't winning her over with his stunning sex appeal he tries every trick he can think of to win her love.

Dara Joy has created a magnificent hero with Rejar. Anyone who has ever been owned by a feline will certainly understand and laugh out loud at his arrogant demeanor. His compassionate nature won my heart and while I didn't always agree with his tactics I realized he just couldn't help his sexy self.

The only problem I had with this story was the heroine. While Rejar was a well rounded character I found Lilac to be rather self-centered and uncompromising. The girl also had no curiosity. I think a hero as wonderful as Rejar deserved better. But, hey, maybe I'm just being catty. In Lilac's defense, I did enjoy her openness which made for some great laugh out loud scenes.

I really enjoyed REJAR for its bawdy and tender humor, scorching sensuality and unique storyline and highly recommend it to those searching for something a little different from the norm. Although this is a sequel it is not necessary to read the prequel, Knight of a Trillion Stars, first (although it is a spectacular book!). I'm looking forward to the next installment in this series when we will hopefully learn more about Rejar's brother Traed and the planet Aviara