Bed of Roses - Rebecca Paisley Zafiro Quintana is the sole provider and caretaker for an aging group of outlaws. Zafiro and her wacky gang are hiding from the law and a madman who wants to kidnap Zafiro. You see, she possesses the ability to sense danger.

Sawyer Donovan stumbles upon the hideway and is nearly murdered by Zafiro's pet cougar. Zafiro fears Sawyer is a threat to her *family* and decides that he must die. It's a darn shame he just happens to be the most gorgeous creature she's ever laid eyes on. Instead of killing him outright she takes him prisoner.

What follows made me laugh out loud. This book contains some of the most hilarious scenes I've read yet. The snake scene is priceless. What I love most about Paisley's writing is that while she has the rare ability to make me laugh she can also make me cry buckets with her tender characterization and gut wrenching scenes. Her many characters are well drawn and add charm (as well as laughs) to the story. I enjoyed and never became annoyed by all of these wacky, wild characters. Zafiro is a lovable nut and Sawyer is a wounded soul that is absolutely to die for. I give this one my highest rating and highly recommend it!