The Conquest - Jude Deveraux Zared Peregrine finds herself torn between family loyalty and new found love when Tearle Howard (in disguise) worms his way into her life. The Howard's & Peregrine's have been at war over land for years & both families have suffered tremendous losses.

Tearle Howard, raised by his Mother, is an innocent in this war and wants nothing more than to see the bloodshed come to an end. When he first sets eyes on Zared, who for her own safety had been raised as a boy, he decides he wants her as his own (somehow he realizes right off the bat that she's a girl though no one else can). In Tearle's arms Zared comes to realize there is more to life than training & fighting and she starts to enjoy being a woman. But because Tearle carries the Howard name Zared can never trust him completely. When her brothers discover Tearle's identity all hell breaks loose.

I'd recommend this to anyone looking for a cute read that isn't immediately put off by that old "girl raised as a boy" theme. Though it wasn't what I'd call remotely emotionally intense it was lots of fun. I liked Tearle who had a great sense of humor & wasn't afraid to admit he was lazy (whatta guy!). He was a refreshing change when compared to the harsher personalities of Zared's brothers. The scenes where Zared is pining over all the gorgeous young hunks while dressed as a boy really cracked me up. I had a few minor problems with the hero kissing the heroine upon their 1st meeting & then again with the kissing every time he ticked her off but the heroine handled this great. Actually, I kind of felt bad for the poor guy after awhile because he must've been one hurting sucker!