Coraline - Neil Gaiman This is a creepy, dreamy little nightmare of a tale written for the young adult market. I bought the unabridged audiotape version read (quite dreamily, I might add) by author Neil Gaimen. Coraline is a lonely young girl with endless energy and a keen sense of adventure. Her parents have recently moved into a huge home that has been converted into several apartments and Coraline has been having great fun discovering all sorts of nifty things on the grounds of the home. One day a storm arrives and Coraline is forced to stay inside with only her busy (and somewhat neglectful, if you ask me) parents for company. They instruct her to leave them alone, to go on an adventure around the house and to bother the neighbors. So Coralina does and discovers a door to a secret, sinister world that at first glance appears to be very much like her own. In this world she has another Mother, one with black button eyes and long twitching fingers! This is an interesting dark fantasy that I didn't think was predictable at all. Coraline is a smart, spunky little girl who, when faced with the ultimate temptation, is forced to make a very grown up decision. I liked this one lots and can't wait to listen to it again.