Night Whispers - Karen Sandler I love weird books, the weirder the better, I say. But Night Whispers was too preposterous for even me to buy. It didn't help that the love story was one of those love/hate fests that I so abhor.

Noah Simmons became a ghost when his greed and ignorance led him to his death. He's been trapped within a cave for over a hundred years when botanist Liz enters his quiet little world. Noah falls deeply in love with his "Lizzie" the moment he spies her and spends the rest of the book watching out (and making trouble) for her and the hero. Meddlesome Noah is the only thing that I enjoyed about this book, so there you go.

Liz is part of a "BioCave" experiment and will be cooped underground for six months. But in order to participate she must be married. You see, the millionaire financing the project is a bit of an eccentric and believes that only married couples can make the project a success. WTF? Liz doesn't have a spouse or even a significant other and since she has spent most of her career preparing for this project she decides to propose to her colleague Ethan even though she despises him. He is cold and arrogant and has basically made her life miserable. so why not marry him, eh? And, believe me, his attitude does not improve once they begin to share a bed . . .

I could easily overlook this ridiculous and contrived plot setup if the love story had been enjoyable but it wasn't. It really wasn't. The couple were not sympathetic characters and spent most of the book ogling each other, ignoring each other or arguing. Both had a serious aversion to "love" because they were brought up by cold parents, the poor babies. They really needed to get over themselves and do some growing up but it did not happen. They also had a foolish and very annoying "big misunderstanding" keeping them apart that only served to compound my frustration with the pair of them. All these two really needed to do was sit down, have a decent conversation and all of their relationship woes would have been solved. But then I guess the book would've ended prematurely. Tragedy. Instead they duke it out until nearly the last page.

There were other troublesome plot devices and a totally lame "monster" that made this book very difficult to stick with. After enjoying this author's previous book UNFORGETTABLE because it was sexy and a lot of fun and featured two characters who were good friends, NIGHT WHISPERS, with its combative relationship was a huge disappointment.