Dweller by Jeff Strand

Dweller - Jeff Strand

GR Cleanup Read January 2011


Toby is a young, friendless, socially awkward boy relentlessly picked on by two school bullies. His only friend is a monster he meets in the woods and names Owen. Dweller follows Toby as he meanders his way through life trying to maintain a sort of “normal” life and maintaining his friendship with the man-eating monster who is his best pal.

Dweller isn’t an extraordinarily deep book and Toby is a bit of a mess but it’s touching, vaguely disturbing and very readable. Toby screws up big-time on more than one occasion and Owen screws up too but they’re always there for each other despite it all. I liked the fact that Toby was followed around by guilt and that Owen wasn’t painted as a thoroughly evil monster and that the book follows them as they grow older. Their friendship always came across as real and genuine.

If you’re looking for a monster book with heart this one is for you.