Never Again: Sweet Tea & Jesus Shoes by Deborah Smith

Sweet Tea and Jesus Shoes - Deborah Smith, Virginia Ellis, Sandra Chastain, Various

I read and reviewed this author many years ago but never again and this is why.


I now have a Never Again shelf here, there and everywhere. I've held off doing this but I've just had enough. This is lousy mostly because she was/is a pretty damn good writer. Ah well, there are plenty more out there to spend my money on.


*Here's my original review so those who will cannot accuse me of being a drive-by troll who comments but doesn't read the book. If anything I was a silly fangirl. I wrote this way back when. Ahhh, innocence was bliss.


Sweet Tea and Jesus Shoes is a charming collection of stories that range from sweetly sentimental tearjerkers to laugh out loud funny slice-of-life tales. And, best of all, there isn't a dud in the entire bunch. All of the stories were obviously written with love and each is an author's memory of living in the South. The book is broken up into three sections titled: Precious Memories, Family Portraits (wow, do these ladies have some nutty relatives and neighbors!) and Beloved Critters. Being an animal lover the "Beloved Critters" section contained some of my favorite stories in the collection. The hands down winner for me was Donna Ball's UP JUMPS THE DEVIL. It's about a big, slobbering, affectionate dog that sends an entire town into an uproar and gives one grasping old bitty her comeuppance. This story had me in stitches and will be reread whenever I'm in dire need of a good laugh. The book is a little pricey, at $14.95 for only 171 pages of storytelling, but I feel its stories are worth splurging on (or saving for).