Bayou Moon -  Ilona Andrews I was very much looking forward to this story having loved William's wolfy self in On the Edge but this one forced me to rewind so many times that I feared I was losing my mind once and for all. There were so many characters introduced, and I couldn't remember any of 'em from one page to the next, that I found it difficult to focus on the plot. The romance between William and Cerise (my apologies if this is wrong, it's been two weeks and the name has escaped my brain) seemed to get lost in the fray of Cerise's freakishly large family and there's a bit near the end where both Cerise and William are so ridiculously stubborn that it felt contrived. Very disappointing. This was more of a straight up fantasy or paranormal or urban fantasy or whatever they call them today, than it was a romance. Ah well, they can't all be winners.