Prickly Pear - Ronda Thompson Prickly Pear is a painfully familiar western romance with all of the traditional trappings. Inside its pages you'll find a hard-hearted hero with a tragic past and a spunky heroine who tries her hardest to not only be one of the boys but to be *better* than the boys (usually failing badly and proving herself incompetent).

Camille (otherwise known as Cam) wants to run her father's farm to make up for a tragic accident that she caused years earlier. When she discovers that her father (very wisely, thinks I) has decided to hire a new foreman she explodes and demands that she be given a chance to prove that she is worthy of the job. Her father gives them a month to prove can do a better job of it.

Cam and Wade set the pages on fire with their sexual tension but because both are extremely hot-tempered they battle it out to nearly the last page. They argue, they kiss, and then they argue some more. Snore-fest. Wade wasn't what I consider hero material by any means either. He's too bossy and his past didn't exactly win me over to his side, nor did his love for visiting bawdy houses win him any points with me. Cam fared a little better. She does pull some incredibly naive and ridiculous stunts but has a wicked sense of humor that almost made up for her stupidity.

There is nothing new in Prickly Pear and although it contains some very irritating plot developments it also has some amusing and moving moments so it's not a total waste.