Oracle - Katherine Greyle Oracle is a terrific futuristic story with just enough adventure, humor and romance to make me a very happy reader.

Jane is a computer geek in 2012 and is headed for a Halloween party when she is catapulted 200 years into the future. When she comes-to she finds herself in a strange new world with a hunky man leaning over her performing some sort of ritual.

King Daken, a healer, was actually performing a communication spell. When she refuses to obey his most simple of commands and injures herself in the process he heals her and creates a bond between them that intensifies their already raging hormones.

What follows is an enjoyable fantasy story that deals with a tough issue as well as a sweltering, and often funny, love story. Most futuristic/fantasy romances don't work well for me. They either get so bogged down with futuristic mumbo-jumbo that it sets my head to spinning or the world is so poorly constructed that the book becomes laughable. And, most unfortunate, these books usually forget that a romance, of any kind, needs to always keep the romance development at the forefront. This book doesn't fall into any of those traps.

The only flaw, and it's a pretty noticeable one, happens midway through the story when the heroine makes a totally ridiculous decision about another man. When you get to this section do yourself a big favor and skim! It has no place being in this otherwise fantastic book. Fortunately, the book quickly recovers from this misstep and the romance gets back on track and all ends exactly as it should.

I highly recommend this to futuristic romance fans who demand a decent plot along with a lovely and entertaining romance.