Forbidden  (Blaze) (Harlequin Temptation, 732) - Janelle Denison A title like "Forbidden" immediately brings to my dirty mind either a) a sordid extramarital affair (something I definitely do *not* want to read about in my romances) or b) some kinky sex (something I really wouldn't mind reading about :). This love story contains neither scenario. What it does contain is a healthy and loving relationship based upon years of friendship and trust. This is exactly the type of love story that I love most.

Police Office Josh has been love in with Paige for ages but it was his best friend Anthony who won her heart and her hand in marriage. He has since settled with becoming Paige's good friend and has kept his unrequited love for her a secret. When Anthony is murdered and Paige's life is put in jeopardy Josh risks not only his life but his heart when he goes under cover, posing as her lover, to keep her safe.

The mental anguish facing both of these characters is deftly drawn and makes them both very easy to empathize with. Both behave like adults throughout the story and neither are arrogant fools (like far too many romance characters) and can admit when they are wrong. I really liked that about these two. Josh is simply one of the kindest romance heroes that I've come across, wearing his heart on his sleeve but he never losing his sexy "edge".

While the romance is strong the same can't be said for the secondary suspense subplot and the dull, stereotypical villains. Fortunately, this subplot never overshadows the romance because the couple remain together throughout it. If you're in the mood for a tender love story between friends you shouldn't miss this one.