On the Edge -  Ilona Andrews Rose is barely eking out a living working a minimum wage job and trying to keep her two younger brothers fed and clothed. Rose lives on the edge between the broken (the mundane world) and the weird (the magical world). Her parents are dead and because she possesses a coveted magical power she’s in fear of becoming someone’s brood mare and is constantly on alert for would-be kidnappers.

Rose doesn’t trust men, with good reason, and steers clear of relationships. Blue-blooded men are the worst but this is a romantic urban fantasy so wouldn’t you know it; a blue blood shows up and wreaks havoc on her already chaotic life. She resists Declan's obvious charms but not for too long. He’s a gorgeous, hot hunk of man with a large sword and he’s nice to her brothers. There’s a lot more that goes on here but I read this weeks ago and things are fading.

This is a fun read, with great characterization. The plot of demon hounds was interesting and gritty enough to hold my attention and I thought the world building, magic, mundane and in-between unique and well described.

There’s romance, a few “awwww my heart just melted” moments, a warm family unit, action (but not too much, I’m not a big action girl), adventure and most of all wit and warmth. An all-around fantastic read. I can’t wait for the next one.