Power of Persuasion (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) - Elizabeth Massie If you're a fan of Buffy The Vampire Slayer and are a big reader (why else would you be here?) you really ought to do yourself a favor and read these books. Author Elizabeth Massie captures the feel of "Buffy's" world so well that I could clearly see the characters come to life in my head. Although I did find the normally conversation challenged Oz to be a bit wordy here at times. He's the quiet sexy one (the perfect man, if you ask me) but he seemed to have quite a bit of dialogue in this story and it stuck out.

This is an original novel and not a novelization based on a TV episode about a young girl with a dictator-like father who is totally fed up with his attempts to run her life and prays to the "goddess" for help.

Then a new library administrator, Ms. Moon, and her two too-perfect-to-be-true girls arrive in Sunnydale and quietly begin to stir up discontent between the sexes. Soon the female students are carrying on about "inequality" and "injustice" and, much to Cordelia Chase's dismay, are rallying around the Moon girls who have become the most popular students in school. The guy's aren't immune either and walk around in a dazed state blindly worshiping the Moon sisters. Even poor Giles is affected. Momma Moon wants to do away with all of his "weird" books and even though he finds the idea offensive his brain gets muddled and he begins to pack them. Buffy catches him in the act and realizes that someone is once again up to no good in Sunnydale and she intends to stop it.

I saw where this one was going immediately but that's okay because reading it was *almost* as much fun as watching a Buffy episode. There's a little wit, there's Slayer action and there's lots of hanging out with the Buffy gang. Worked for me.