Long Way Home - Wendy Corsi Staub Can some kind soul take pity on me and please tell me why this book was including in Jove's "Friend's" line? It's been bugging me ever since I read the book. The blurb clearly states (in a rather large font) that "When it comes to matters of the heart, you can always trust your friends." Well, let me get all clichéy on you and say with friends like this the heroine would have better off trusting her worst enemy. Her so-called friends betray her and stab her in the back at every given opportunity. Please do *not* go into this book expecting to find a warm, friends-y romance because you will be sorely disappointed. Just sayin'.

So let me get down to what the story is really about. Cira Valentino is a beautiful but dirt poor Sicilian peasant who boards a ship with her family and hopes to start a new life in America. At Ellis Island she is turned away by a health inspector because her eyes are all puffy from crying over leaving one of those so-called "friends" of hers. Forced to head back to Sicily she hitches a ride, nearly gets raped, and is saved by the hero - Thatcher Montgomery - a very rich, very spoiled blue-blooded American.

This begins their relationship. And it's a bumpy one. Thatcher is destined to marry an equally blue-blooded American or he faces becoming cut-off from his cold-hearted family. So they spend a lot of the book falling in love but resisting their feelings because they are "unsuitable" for each other. Cira becomes all defensive and snippy while Thatcher harbors fears that Cira may only be after his money. This type of behavior carries on for most of the book and, in my eyes, the only thing they had in common with each other was a bad case of lust. They finally open up at the end of the book but it was far too late and I was left feeling really uneasy about their future together.

The setting is done fabulously well but sadly I can't say the same about the characters and their on-again/off-again relationship which had me gritting my teeth more often than naught.