Somewhere In the Night - Marcia Evanick Somewhere In The Night is a short, gripping read if you like your romances on the gritty side. I don't. Usually. I'll read horror if I want grit and pain and too close to real life awfulness. Still, I mostly enjoyed this one because it features an easy to root for heroine and the suspense doesn't overwhelm the romance (my big peeve with the romantic suspense subgenre).

Bridgett is cursed with precognitive clairvoyance and sees glimpses of impending crime scenes. She hasn't had a vision in five years, since the night she was nearly beaten to death and raped by a vicious serial rapist. When her visions return she calls the only man who can help her -- the police officer who wasn't able to arrive in time to prevent her rape. Chad is conflicted when she calls him. He feels great guilt at his past failure but answers her call because of that guilt. They begin to work together and struggle to overcome past hurts all while trying find a killer before he strikes again.

Chad was an okay hero but he had a penchant for walking away from emotional entanglements that really rubbed me the wrong way. And, his excuse of being "a confirmed bachelor" was annoying in the extreme and made me groan aloud. He grows up but it takes too long and poor Bridgett has enough to deal with without adding in his adolescent behavior. Still, this was a decent read and should satisfy those looking for a suspenseful romance.