Veils of Time - Lynn Kurland, Maggie Shayne, Angie Ray, Ingrid Weaver Veils of Time is similar to most anthologies. At least most that I've read. Two of the stories are painfully average, one is good and only one outstanding. Few authors can create a full fledged love story in less than 100 pages and as a result most of these left me feeling less than satisfied with the too rushed outcome.

Lynn Kurland's And The Groom Wore Tulle is a good story if you're looking for a laugh. It's about a 1313 Scotsman who time-travels to 1999 (just don't ask me how because I still can't figure it out). He meets the heroine who immediately takes him home because he's all big and sexy. The heroine is of the doormat variety and the story is light on logic and romance development but it's a fun read despite itself.

The Con & the Crusader by Maggie Shayne doesn't fare quite so well. It's about a con man who gets flung back in time (at least this time it's explained!) and saved from life in the slammer when the heroine rescues him by offering her hand in marriage. She quickly proceeds to turn her criminal into a hardworking family man. Sorry, I just didn't buy his quick reformation and Jack was just too smarmy to fit my idea of a hero. This one is my least favorite of the anthology because of its predictability and over-the-top sweetness.

A Bride Most Common by Angie Ray starts out great but peters out by the end because it becomes overstuffed with plot threads. Lucy gets sent back in time by her kindly old boss to correct an error. She awakens holding the hand of a regency hunk and quickly discovers that she's no longer in her own body and is married to the dude! Like I said, this one starts out great with lots of wit and charm but quickly becomes bogged down with other less interesting stuff and I lost interest.

Conyn's Bride by Ingrid Weaver was my favorite. The heroine, an antiquities dealer, finds a gorgeous Celtic bracelet in one of her shipments and can't resist slipping it on her wrist and, boy, does her life ever change for the better! Suddenly a gorgeous man appears declaring his undying to love to her. He insists he's been traveling far and wide to find her and that she is long lost bride. She's excited (really, who wouldn't be?) but soon learns that he's only bumped his head really hard and is more than a little bit confused. Or is he? This story works on all levels and is simply charming. It's very romantic, super funny, sensual and may even evoke a tear from a few readers.