To Tame a Texan - Evelyn A. Crowe, Lorraine Heath, Vivian Vaughan, Eileen Wilks To Tame A Texan contains four short love stories set in, you guessed it, Texas. This anthology contains stories by Evelyn Crowe, Lorraine Heath, Vivian Vaughn and Eileen Wilks -- some fine writers indeed. Unfortunately, the stories are all average (or below) and center around the heroine's attempt to "tame" their cowboy. That's all fine and dandy and truly I have nothing against a sexy cowboy being tamed by the love of a strong woman. BUT because of the length of each story none of these heroines succeeded in making me believe that all had ended happily ever after. I could even picture two of these couples spending a lot of hours in divorce court a few years down the road.

This is certainly not a bad book, the authors create some witty repartee and fun situations and even tug on the heartstrings a little, but it isn't a book I'd call satisfying. The plots and characters were not fleshed out enough I was left wanting more (especially of the Lorraine Heath story which introduced two wonderful characters).