Magic Bleeds -  Ilona Andrews
I’m actually reading this series in order for a change and watching the relationships slowly progress has been as enjoyable as the fast paced fantasy aspects that encompass each installment. When this one starts Kate is thisclose to caving in to Curran’s charms but things don’t turn out the way anyone expects. And I liked that. It kept me guessing instead of petering out and leaving me bored. Nothing is going to be easy for these two.

This was my favorite of the series, the UF subplot was interesting in that it was so closely tied to Kate and seemed to flow naturally, it didn’t seem like a tacked on throwaway monster of the week sort of thing too common in these sorts of books. I adored the new canine sidekick, of course, and Kate and Curran’s relationship takes a giant leap here only after some minor bumps, missteps and some craftily placed super glue. This book was exciting, fun and it made me teary. 5 stars. I don’t know how she can improve on this one but I’ll be anxiously waiting to see what happens next.