A Basket of Wishes - Rebecca Paisley If you are looking for a pick-me-up kind of book and don't mind a little silliness this is the one to find! I absolutely loved this story about a whimsical fairy princess who is destined to marry a human in order to save her race from possible extinction.

Splendor, the fairy princess of Pillywiggin, is thrilled to learn from her Father that Jourdian, the Duke she has been admiring & watching over since childhood, is the chosen human to sire the first half human/half faery child. All Jourdian ever wanted was a plain, boring wife, one who would bear him children and cause him no trouble. Then Splendor and her magic enters his life and Jourdain's safe orderly world is suddenly turned upside down. The only hitch is that Splendor only has three months to convince Jourdian to marry her and conceive before she must return to Pillywiggin or else she may die . . . unless she convinces Jourdian to fall in love with her.

This is a magical story that put a smile on my face and had me laughing out loud. Trust me, I never do that kind of thing. Splendor's innocence and antics are adorable, sometimes silly and always hilarious, I've never read another heroine quite like her. Anyone who loves a pure romantic fantasy, lots of humor and a sensual love story should read this ASAP.