Quicksilver - Pam McCutcheon Note: I read this a decade ago when I was a much sweeter reader ;)

This is another fast-paced, fun filled read set in her futuristic land inhabited by oracles, moncats and sexy heroes.

Earthling Juelle Shanard wants to bring technology to the planet Delphi for the good of the people. The planet is rather backwoods in her eyes and she feels the only way they can survive is to join forces with the Republic of Planets and accept technology and all of the wonders it'll bring. During her meeting with Delphi's ruling council her biggest and loudest resister to her ideas is Councilman Eron. He's impossibly pigheaded, stubborn and outspoken.

Juelle is a psychiatrist. Several Pythias fear they may succumb to madness and she is the only qualified person to heal them. Because of Eron's strong objections and refusal to listen to her proposal the Council orders him to travel with her as she heads out to heal an ailing Pythia in his home town.

At first she is pleased with this arrangement thinking she will be able to change his mind in the two hours it will take to make the trip. But she underestimates his stubbornness and soon finds out they will be making the trip by horseback, of all the archaic things, and that it will take them two weeks because Mr. Pigheaded refuses to set foot in her aircraft!

As they travel they get to know each other and find it hard to resist their mutual attraction, only they must because they are also traveling with Eron's cousin Hermes and a very sensitive moncat (creatures who bond with Pythias). During their travels they are accosted by the evil Nevan who was banished from Delphi for betraying a Pythia. He has concocted a plan to gain leadership of the planet and he needs Juelle in order to complete his treachery. Will Eron go against everything he believes in and use technology in order to save the woman who has come to mean so much to him?

QUICKSILVER lives up to its name. The pages turned so quick that before I realized it I had swallowed up 150 pages without a bathroom break or anything to eat. To my relief, Juelle isn't your standard virgin heroine, she wants the hero and isn't afraid to admit it. She's feisty, he's stubborn, and they're perfect for each other. Ms. McCutcheon also includes a sweet secondary love story between two spirited moncats which delighted this animal lover. Romance fans looking for a fiery and adventurous love story, placed in an out of this world setting will enjoy this fun tale.