Magic Bites -  Ilona Andrews 3 1/2 stars. I listened to this book on audio, found myself terribly confused, stopped and checked over here at Goodreads to make sure I hadn’t started yet another book mid-series. Nope, this appears to be book one. Phew. That news didn’t help with my confusion though so I started over. There is a lot going here and the reader is thrown into the magic filled world of Kate Daniel’s rather abruptly. The author often references things/people/events that happened previously that only fueled my confusion. I think I just have to admit here that these current Urban Fantasy books are too much for my brain to handle.

Despite my state of confusion, I mostly enjoyed this one. Kate is an engaging, if not by now, quintessential UF heroine. She’s on her own, she’s tough, she dresses in a non-frilly way, she’s attractive and she knows lots of beautiful, otherworldly men and gets embroiled in a whopping big paranormal mess. Its fast-paced fun and I didn’t find myself nodding off at any point.

Kate’s guardian has been murdered and she’s determined to ferret out exactly what happened. This snooping brings her into contact with many a gorgeous beastie, paranormal being and a cosmetic surgeon (don’t ask, he’s kinda boring anyway). She stumbles into a potential vampire/werewolf war during her investigation which forces her into close proximity to Curran, Lord of the Beasties, who is a bit of jerk but warmed up to me towards the end..

I liked Kate. She has a sharply honed sense of humor that I enjoyed. This book is on the dark side of UF, there is gore, violent death and, imagine this, a heroine who makes it through the book without sleeping with one or more of the hunky guys in her midst. She thinks about it but doesn’t follow through. I’m sure this will change in upcoming books; really it has to, doesn’t it? Or else I’d start whining about the lack of sex but for now I’m happy with the way this one ended. Too many writers go for the quickie sex and don’t bother with the slow build. I also loved the scene where the young wolf (Derrick?) mentions that someone is prettier than Kate and he gets a lecture on etiquette. It was nice to see that men weren’t totally going gaga for her at every turn.

I hear they get better as the series goes along so I’m hoping for the best.