The Forgotten Beasts of Eld - Patricia A. McKillip Enter a land where wise old boars speak, as well as falcons, lions and cats. A land filled with sorcery, beauty and evil . . .

Known as the ice white lady, Sybil was raised to live to care only for the mythical beasts under her control - powerful, beautiful and wise, and feared by man - she knows none of the ways of men and prefers to keep it that way. Until one day, when a young babe is left in her arms, and she learns to love, and gets entangled in a War she wants no part of.

THE FORGOTTEN BEASTS OF ELD is a treasure worth seeking out. It's an imaginative story of love, betrayal and forgiveness, filled with intriguing characters you won't soon forget. The dialogue is sparse and the tale is short but there is an abundant amount of character growth and plenty of plot points to ponder. There's also enough magic and surprises to keep those pages turning. I never knew quite where the story was going to lead. I'm now on the hunt for her other work.

This book is a World Fantasy Award winning novel for a good reason.