Scandalous Love - Brenda Joyce Lady Nicole, at 23, is a spinster due to the scandal she caused when she came out several years earlier. She's decided she likes her solitary life of running free with her horses and doesn't need to be married to be happy. That is until she meets Hadrian, Duke of Clayborough at a masquerade party.

I really liked Nicole's personality, she doesn't let anyone walk all over her and stands up for herself. Once she realizes that Hadrian is betrothed and only wants her for sexy times she lets him know exactly how she feels by trying to give him a well deserved whack with a riding crop. No whining and no tears just pure unrestrained anger. I loved it.

Hadrian, on the other hand, took some getting used to. He's one of those guys that thinks it's his right to screw around on his fiancee as long as he does it with married women and doesn't get attached. Once he discovers Nicole is unmarried he breaks it off immediately and also breaks her heart in the process. I was really ticked at him, but rake that he may be, he was betrothed to Elizabeth since she was two and although he genuinely cares for her he feels no great love towards her and thinks of her more as a sister. Even though Nicole gets under his skin the way no other woman has his strong sense of duty will not let him break it off with Elizabeth.

The couple have many obstacles to overcome, Elizabeth being only the first one. They experience a very bumpy road when everything could have been cleared up with a little communication but because both of these characters have such stubborn personalities and loads of pride they both suffer. This book also turned out to have a very engrossing secondary story about Hadrian's mother.

I really enjoyed, it made me go all misty eyed. I loved Nicole's spirit and her temper had me laughing out loud. And underneath all of Hadrian's stubbornness he turned out to be a real sweetheart.