Summon the Keeper - Tanya Huff This is a fantasy with two romantic love interests, a hunky handyman and an impossible to resist lusty ghost, that came highly recommended to me and I wasn't at all disappointed.

Claire is what they call a "keeper", a person with supernatural powers who keeps order in the universe and the evilness of hell under wraps. Her latest assignment has her ticked off. She's been summoned to a bed and breakfast where hell resides in the basement and she fears she may be stuck there for the rest of her life. She spends the book attempting to figure out how to complete her assignment while fighting off the advances of the sexy ghost, fighting off her lusty thoughts of the younger handyman, arguing with her know it all cat (who talks) and dealing with the strange assortment of guests who visit the B&B.

This book was pure fun, had lots of sensual tension, some great one-liners (many made by Hell - who argues with itself), and all of the characters were likable. Despite the setting there was nothing gory about it. If you like fantasy comedies or are looking for a change of pace give this one a try.