Tonight or Never (Legendary Lovers) - Dara Joy Dara Joy was one of my favorite authors. Her first two novels, KNIGHT OF A TRILLION STARS and HIGH ENERGY, are two of my most beloved reads of all time. They're filled with funny characters, sexier than sin heroes, laugh out loud situations and originality. REJAR was also a good read for me but I thought the sexy cat-man deserved a better heroine, one with a little more bite but I still recommend it because the hero was amazing enough to carry the book. Because her other books were so magical for me I think I went into TONIGHT OR NEVER with too high expectations and ended up being a little let down.

Tonight Or Never started out promising and had my eyes glued to the pages. I loved the introduction of the hero, John, AKA "Lord of Sex", and the heroine, Chloe, was much, much better than Lilac (in REJAR). She was likable, she had spunk and she wasn't afraid to go after what she wanted. She definitely wasn't a bore or a wimp. I wasn't sure if I could imagine a slut like John, who slept with any female that crossed his path, settling down with one woman. But I have to hand it to Dara Joy, midway through the story I really bought it.

So why wasn't this another keeper? Well, I just didn't find it all that funny, definitely not as funny as her previous work. Some of the situations were cute but nothing made me laugh. And I found the subplot featuring the search for the Black Rose a little on the boring side. Then there were the sex scenes. Much to my delight there were a lot of 'em but to my dismay they weren't the kind that draw me into the scene and make me feel a part of them. I guess I kept waiting for the "Lord of Sex" to do something truly extraordinary. And one last niggle, I wish John's true sensitive nature had been revealed in little bits and pieces throughout the novel, rather than in one short paragraph towards the very end (that one short paragraph made my eyes fill with tears but it was too darn short!) I would've liked to have been witness to more of his past.

If I hadn't read Dara Joy's previous work and loved them so much I bet I would have enjoyed this one much more than I did and have been less picky. Still, if you like light-hearted romps and ultra-sexy heroes (with sensitive hearts) you'll want to give this one a try.