Beauty and the Beast - Hannah Howell This book features something new (at least to me): a hero who isn't drop dead gorgeous and is insecure because of it.

Thayer thought he was about to attend his cousin William's wedding & soon discovers he is the bridegroom of the beautiful Gytha (ugh, what a name) due to a twist of fate. Thayer is appalled at this news. Years earlier his heart was broken by a beautiful but heartless well-bred woman and he promised himself he would never become that vulnerable again. Gytha slowly breaks through the barriers he's constructed around his heart with her innocence and loving ways. But deep down Thayer still isn't convinced she is as pure as she seems and dreads the day when he will find her in bed with another man. Because of Thayer's mistrust, a greedy uncle and Thayer's ex-love Elizabeth (who decides she wants him back in her bed) he and Gytha have a very rocky road ahead of them.

I really enjoyed this delightful Beauty & The Beast retelling. It was refreshing to read about a heroine who had no care for looks and although she was physically perfect she didn't feel it was an important part of who she was. This book was very funny in part while still being emotionally intense and the chemistry between the h/h was smoldering. This one teared me up & had me smiling at the same time. I hated to see their story come to an end. Definitely one worth pulling out of the tbr pile.