The Bad Luck Wedding Dress - Geralyn Dawson Jenny Fortune is struggling to keep her seamstress business afloat. It seems that all three of Big Jack Bailey's daughters have met up with a streak of bad luck after wearing her masterpiece wedding dress. Being a suspicious fool, Big Jack Bailey determines MissFortune (as he dubs her) has placed a curse on the dress and sets out to destroy Jenny and her business.

Trace McBride, local saloon owner, widower and father of three wild girls also known as the "McBride Menaces", rents out the space Jenny uses for her business. Because Trace is extremely busy trying to earn money so he can build his girls' a dream house and gain back his respectability as an Architect the girls begin to spend a lot of time with Jenny and decide she is going to be their new Momma. Continually placing their women weary Father and Jenny in constant contact by their antics the Menaces are determined to force this stubborn pair to fall in love.

Jenny figures the only way to turn her luck around is by getting married in her own "Bad Luck Wedding Dress" and proving to her clientele that the dress and her creations aren't cursed. Trace seems like the most likely candidate, unfortunately, he has been seriously burned by his former wife and is dead set against remarrying. But his daughters, who are even more stubborn than he is, have other plans . . .

This story is filled with endearing characters. There's a wounded hero crying out for love to heal his tortured heart, a charming, understanding and unpredictable heroine and three adorable little girls who add touches of humor and warmth to this terrific love story. If you're like me and like your books brimming over with emotion, sensuality, tenderness and laughter you will cherish this book.