Morning Side Of Dawn - Justine Davis If you're one of the few who hasn't read and re-read this story or, horror of all horrors, are allowing it to collect dust on your To Be Read shelf (like I was) I urge you to read it. ASAP. Yep, it's that good.

It's about learning to see past the surface and finding the true beauty within a person, getting past assumptions and misconceptions and learning to love. The hero is disabled (and that's all I'm going to give away!) and, after being rejected by the people who meant the most to him, has spent the majority of his adult life avoiding people. The heroine is a super-model, who has millions but is unhappy with her life and finds herself envious of those who've found love because she's been unable to. People just don't care to dig deep enrough to see the beauty inside of her.

Whaaaat? How can I sympathize with a rich super-model, right? Well, I didn't think I could. But then I read this book. She's not a self-centered snot and is a surprisingly sympathetic and likable character with a few insecurities of her own. Her dogged attraction to the reluctant hero and her determination to break down his barriers come across realistically and touched me deeply. The hero is one of the most unforgettable I've ever read about in a romance. He's beautiful and wounded, both inside and out, and oh-so-deserving of love. This is a compassionate love story even my shoddy memory won't soon forget.

Read it people!