Bride - Stella Cameron This is the 3rd book in the "Rossmara" series and easily stands alone as I haven't read either Charmed or Fascination and wasn't lost or aggravated by info. dumps.

Justine decides it is her duty to enlighten women on what they can expect from men during courtship all the way to the marriage bed. Being a spinster she needs to do some research before she can begin her book however. She travels to Scotland with the intention of taking care of two motherless children in exchange for their dad, Struan's help with her book. Both end up with way more than they bargained for. Justine's passages into her book had me laughing out loud, I could almost see Struan cringing as she wrote them!

The characterization is very well done. These people really come alive whether I loved them or hated them (and I absolutely despised Grandmama, what a selfish woman!).

This is a fantastic read. Funny, tender, suspenseful and very sexy. The identity of the nutcase who was making Struan's life miserable was surprised me. Worth a read, for sure.