Amaryllis - Jayne Castle This one disappointed me big-time. I've come to the realization that Jayne Castle/Krentz/Quick's voice/style just doesn't work for me because this is the 6th book of hers that I've read that I found very dull. I should note that I do not like mysteries as a rule so maybe that's my problem because that's what the bulk of this book was.

Set on another planet, 200 years in the future, Amaryllis Lark is what they call a professional "prism." Her world is filled with people born with differing psychic abilities who are unable to use them without the help of a prism who helps them focus their talents. Lucas needs a high talent prism to help him find a leak in his company. This leads to much adventure and when they "link" it leads to true love.

I found my mind wandering a lot while reading this one. I was so looking forward to a good futuristic romance but was disappointed because this one read so much like a contemporary/mystery. Castle's world of psychics and prisms was filled with so much promise that was never fulfilled in my eyes. It disappointingly mirrored current day earth with the exception of the psychic talents and the unimaginatively and laughably named items like jelly-ice, snake-bat, coff-tea, etc. and so on. She had explanations for the non-advances in technology and the silly sounding named items (nostalgia! ) but still it really bugged me. IMO, this book might as well have been set in current day Seattle rather than "New Seattle". I also thought the mystery portion of the book far overwhelmed the love story.

There were moments of wit that made me smile but that didn't cut it for me. In the end I didn't feel anything for Amaryllis or Lucas - they just didn't move me and that's the most disappointing thing of all.