Ribbons in the Wind - Margaret Brownley Recently released from jail on an obscenity charge for her bestselling but scandalous book for woman, Elizabeth decides to fulfull her lifelong dream of opening a home for orphans. The only problem is she's penniless due to the cost of legal fees. When she hears about the Model T race with a grand prize of twenty-five thousand dollars she figures this is a great way to earn the money she needs while gaining valuable first hand experience for her next book on woman drivers.

On his way home from an inventors convention, Jimmy's train is delayed so he decides to check out the beginning of the race. Elizabeth, without her glasses and in her big driving goggles, mistakes him for her missing mechanic and pulls him along for the ride of his life. Dumbstruck from the nerve and mouth on this wild woman with the personality of a "snapping turtle", Jimmy is afraid to disagree with her. When she steps on that gas pedal he finds himself holding on for dear life.

She is the worst driver he's ever seen, hitting every obstacle in and out of her path! But once Jimmy gets a good look at Liz's big blue wounded eyes he is instantly attracted and determined to find out why she is so distant and appears to be afraid of a man's touch. It turns out she is the same Elizabeth he knew as a child during their experiences together on the orphan train. When he learns of her plans and reasoning for opening a safe haven for orphans he can't leave her for long despite fearing for his life and sanity.

If you're a fan of the I Love Lucy show you're in for a wonderful treat with the heroine of RIBBONS IN THE WIND with a heart of gold who just can't help getting herself into one misadventure after another.

At first glance the story appears to be light and funny but Ms. Brownley also tackles some important issues that serve to remind us just how far we've come since the early 1900's. The significance of the ribbons attached to Liz's car will have more than one reader reaching for the tissues and cheering her on as she finds the strength to face her demons and attempts to make things better for both woman and orphans everywhere. Anyone looking for a wacky adventurous read with some over-the-top secondary characters and a tender and patient hero will enjoy this sweet tale about a healing love.