Imagine - Jill Barnett Whatever you do don't miss this one, you'll regret it! It's charming, heartwarming and left me feeling sooo good. It's the story of Margaret (Smitty), an attorney, and Hank an escaped convict who was wrongly accused of murder. She's an independent woman who can't cook, he's a beat 'em over the head and drag 'em by the hair kinda guy that thinks woman are good for only one thing, until he gets stranded on a desert island with Smitty and three small orphans. There's also a delightful Genie with three wishes who needs to find a true believer to fulfill his destiny.

The verbal sparring between this odd couple is hilarious, Muddy, the Genie, adds a touch of magic and humor to the story & also makes a convenient baby sitter :), the kids are darling and the scenes where Hank warms up to them are really touching. It was so much fun to see Hank's attitude about women and children change after being stuck with them day in and day out with no escape. The last few chapters had me teary eyed. I recommend this one for anyone looking for a feel good romance with a happy ending and lots of sexual tension! This book is the ultimate fantasy.