Halfway to the Grave  - Jeaniene Frost I listened to this book on audio so any name misspellings can be attributed to myself being too lazy to bother looking things up. Any other mistakes are entirely my own and are either due to my being distracted by driving and/or my piss poor memory. I usually take notes when I read but it’s hard to take notes when driving without taking out some fellow schlub just trying to get home from work intact.

Cat (Catherine but don’t EVER call her that) is the offspring of a human woman who was raped by a brand new vampire. He still had swimmers when he attacked her mom so Cat is human with some neat-o extras. Her eyes flash green when she’s all worked up (just like the vamps in this book), she can move at almost superhuman speed, she’s stronger than your average college gal and she can booze it up without getting her tummy pumped. In order to avenge her mom (who was a real bitch for dumping her angst on her innocent child, btw) she slays vampires. Mom is only happy when Cat tells her that she’s beheaded another monster. I didn’t like Mom. Mom was selfish and needed psychological help. I liked her even less as the book went along. Yeah, I get that she was traumatized but what she did to Cat was pretty traumatizing too. Anyway, one night Cat goes after a vamp named Bones who is on to her game. The two have a major smack down and Bones, intrigued by his tough little “kitten”, wants her to stick around and coerces her into a “deal”. Cat finds herself pairing up with Bones to weed out and destroy only the evil vampires. But Cat has issues dealing. She’s been raised to believe that all vamps are evil creatures but she has feelings for sexy Bones that he won’t let her deny.

I loved this book, despite the mom hate. It was fun (as well as funny), gloriously violent, and pretty darn sexy. Bones and Cat have amazing chemistry and their love for one another was really sweet. Cat wasn’t a bitch and I liked her a lot. Bones was surprisingly tender and patient with her. He put up with a lot of crap and frustration and dealt with it well. Especially when she consistently murdered people he wanted to interrogate. Instead of getting super angry he’d spout out funnies such as: “You’re not a woman. You’re the grim reaper with red hair!” You’ve got to love a guy with patience and a sense of humor. As a bonus, I never felt lost or bored as I usually do when reading some of these paranormal/urban fantasy type books. I have to say that the cliffhanger end really aggravated me and that’s why I can’t give this book 5 stars.. I don’t have book #2 here on audio and now I have to go track down #2 to continue the story. Grrrrrrr.